The metal material General mark, due to a few microns above the ablation depth (line width of a few microns to tens of microns) from the surface to the color of the line and the reflection rate and not the same as the original, resulting in human visual contrast effect, can make people sensitive to these lines (as well as lines of code, numbers and patterns the trademark, etc.). For the glass, the ablated lines have a "dull light" effect; for plastics, due to photochemical reactions and ablation, there is visual contrast and dull light effect. If the surface of the material is painted with special coloured material, the colored material will be attached to the material (and the material will be ablated at high temperature) on the line to bring it into color

Innovo Mini Metal Engraving Machine
Innovo Mini Metal Engraving Machine

Mini Metal CNC Router with High Quality
Mini Metal CNC Router with High Quality

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