Plain heat press machine

Product Description


1. Combines 6 heat pipes, both upper and lower are aluminum plate, the electrostatic paint spraying.

2. Electronic controls the temperature and time.

3. Sophisticated design, 6 dense heat pipes ,heat evenly, and not easy to deformation.

Operation Procedures:

Taking the white cotton cloth as an example
A. Mirror print your picture on light sublimation paper with normal ink
B. Hold up the press handle, open the heat board
C. Instruction light will be on
D. Switch power on
E. Adjust the temperature controller on the left side.(The three buttons indicate ones place, tens place,
hundreds place from left to right side),press + or – to adjust appropriate heating temperature-180°C,
time needed approx. 10 minutes to reach 180°C;(Heating temperatures depends on materials, please
request for the standard temperature information)
F. Adjust time controller on the right to the appropriate heating time 30 seconds(The heating time depends on the materials)
G. The machine will keep the constant temperature status when reaching the setting temperature
H. Put the cloth on the silica gel board holder, put the picture facing the cloth for heat transferring,
press down the heat board and the timer counts automatically. Note:Too heavy pressure may cause
the handle transformed. Must adjust the pressure ahead of operation.
I. While time up,the buzzer warns automatically. Swift the power off, hold up the press handle,take
out the cloth and tear out the picture paper right away

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Contact Person: David He



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