ZX-30A Wireless Glue Binding Machine

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Model No.: ZX-30A

Product Description

ZX-30A is added manually-operated, electric-driven milling cutter for book spine, it can mill grooves in the book spine and the firmness of binding is greatly improved. It can achieve the level of big printing factories. It has temperature -controlling device, and temperature can be adjusted for different types of melt glue under various temperature conditions, such as all the seasons and different areas.The binding quality is largely improved and more kinds of adhesives can be applied. With the unique hardcover groove-pressing plank, the machine can make hardcover books.It can bind a softcover book or hardcover book. The hot groove pressing device can press grooves as a groove pressing machine does.
1. The sector adhesive-brushing system is optimized, it can brush adhesive flatly and evenly. There is side-adhesive for firm binding, and pages don't get loose.
2.Double heater can heat the adhesive fast and equally, thus avoiding the aging and carbonizing of adhesive.
3.The adhesive can move on double rails, thus the adhesive is brushed evenly and precisely, avoiding the deviation brought by the sheet-metal structure.
4. Adhesive filtering device avoids the jamming of adhesive pot by impurity.
5.Clamping device is made from special material for better clamping. It is suitable for not only A4 paper, but also notepaper of the size of name cards,etc without adjustment.
6. Positioning device for flyings of hardcover can makes it easy and convenient to bind the hardcover.
7. The milling cutter device solves the problem of miniaturization of milling cutter for big printing factories.
8.The dynamic balancing milling cutter can mill the book spine deeply and it doesn't block the paper, besides, there is side-glue to enhance the binding quality to that of a professional printing factory.
9.Electronic temperature controlling is used. It can indicate the temperature set for the adhesive pot beforehand when the temperature is reached.The heating temperature can be adjusted. Many kinds of adhesives can be used under various climate conditions.
10.The milling cutter is made of paper-affinity alloy, and it has sharp blade and is quite durable.
11.Motor for the milling cutter is specially designed intensive DC motor;it is small but has strong power supply and powerful force. It is quite durable.
12.Electronic constant temperature controlling is used for the hardcover hot groove pressing plank, so it can press beautiful and permanent grooves as groove-pressing machines can do. The machine is easy and convenient to operate.
Type : Wireless Glue Binding Machine
Model :ZX-30A
Book size, max: 320*280 mm
Book thickness, max: 2 pages-50mm
Book cover thickness:50-400g
Heating up time:10 min (depends on ambient temperature)
Power supply: 500W
Net weight: 36 kg

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