ZX-460 Glue Binding Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: ZX-460

Product Description

This machine is added manually-operated, electric-driven milling cutter for book spine, it can mill
grooves in the book spine and the firmness of binding is greatly improved. It can achieve the level
of big printing factories. It has temperature -controlling device, and temperature can be adjusted
for different types of melt glue under various temperature conditions, such as all the seasons and
different areas.The binding quality is largely improved and more kinds of adhesives can be applied.
With the unique hardcover groove-pressing plank, the machine can make hardcover books.It can
bind a softcover book or hardcover book. The hot groove pressing device can press grooves as a
groove pressing machine does.

1. Binding Thickness: 2 pages-50mm;
2. Binding Format: 460*325 (binding the short side)
3. Dimensions: 800*415*580mm;
4. Voltage/power: 220V/500W;
5. Glue-melting time: 10min.

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Anhui Innovo Bochen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address: NO.70 QIJIGUANG ROAD,YIWU CITY,Jinhua,Zhejiang

Contact Person: David He



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